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 1992Ph.D. in physics, Brandeis University
Ph.D. Thesis"Search for the Top Quark in Events with a Lepton and Two or More Jets at the Fermilab Collider Detector"
Thesis AdvisorJames Bensinger

 2014-presentVisiting Scientist, Rockefeller University
 2004-2013Associate Professor, Rockefeller University
 1997-2004Assistant Professor, Rockefeller University
 1991-1997Research Associate, Rockefeller University
 1989-1991Research Assistant, Brandeis University
 1988-1989Military Service
 1984-1988Research Assistant, Brandeis University
 1983-1984Teaching Assistant, Brandeis University

 1982-1983Belgian-American Educational Foundation Fellow, Brandeis University

Research Activities
  • CDF: Chairman of the CDF statistics committee from 2005 to 2007, and regular member since 2007. Search for single-top-quark production, measurements of the top quark charge and mass.
  • CMS: Chairman of the CMS statistics committee from 2007 to 2009, and regular member since 2009. Work on hypothesis testing, combination of measurements, treatment of systematic uncertainties, the look-elsewhere effect, Bayesian reference analysis, and bootstrap methods. Application to searches for the Higgs boson and for contact interactions.
  • CDF: Study of the high-end tail of the transverse energy spectrum of inclusive jets. Search for the Higgs boson in several channels. Search for electroweak single-top production. Study of diffractive J/psi production. Search for W-pair production in the lepton+jets channel.
  • Combination of all the CDF and D0 top mass measurements.
  • Convener of the CDF top physics group (1998-1999).
  • Member of the CDF statistics committee since 2000.
  • SSC, LHC: Development of high-pressure gas calorimeter technology for the next generation of high-energy physics experiments. Design and construction of calorimeter prototypes with three geometries: a stack of parallel plates, a bundle of straight tubes, and a bundle of wiggly tubes. Testing of these prototypes in Fermilab and CERN electron and pion beams. Long-term radiation damage tests on high-pressure gases at the Phoenix Memorial Laboratory of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
  • CDF: Search for the top quark in the dilepton channel. Search for, and observation of t-tbar production in p-pbar collisions using the total transverse energy H released in events with a W boson and three or more jets. Measurement of the t-tbar production cross section and top quark mass using H.
  • Convener of the CDF top kinematics subgroup (1995-1996), and of the CDF top mass and kinematics subgroup (1996-1997).
  • Construction and testbeam calibration of the CDF forward electromagnetic calorimeters.
  • Design and assembly of the CDF gas gain monitoring system, and writing of the online data acquisition software.
  • Search for the top quark in CDF Run 0 data, in the electron+jets and muon+jets channels.

Synergistic Activities

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