Large and Not So Large Groups of Like-Minded (?) People

CDF group photo (1985)
CDF Collaboration in January 1985
St. Croix group photo
Seventh Advanced Study Institute on
Techniques and Concepts of High
Energy Physics, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin
Islands (1992)
CDF group photo (1993)
CDF Collaboration in October 1993
Datong 2001
XXXI International Symposium on
Multiparticle Dynamics, Datong,
China, September 2001
PhyStat2002 group photo
March 2002 PhyStat conference
in Durham, U.K.
CDF group photo (2002)
CDF Collaboration in May 2002
PhyStat2005 group photo
September 2005 PhyStat conference
in Oxford, U.K.
SAMSI group photo
March 2006 workshop at SAMSI, N.C.
Banff group photo
July 2006 workshop in Banff, Canada.
Banff group photo
July 2010 workshop in Banff.
CMS group photo
September 2011 CMS physics week in
Brussels. François Englert, recipient
of the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics, is
in the front row, fifth from left.
CDF group photo
Last photo of CDF before Tevatron
termination (September 30, 2011).

Luc Demortier
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